Prince Michael Jackson, the 14-year-old son of the late pop superstar, is planning to make a rare public appearance to honour one of his father's philanthropic causes, reports People Magazine.
Prince Michael, known for being intensely private, will appear at an auction in Berlin on 10th November 2011 to support disadvantaged children. The show will feature the sale of Jackson's handwritten lyrics to the 1987 hit single 'Bad'. A spokesperson confirmed the appearance, saying, "Prince Michael Jackson will walk the red carpet and present the manuscript on stage surrounded by children". More surprisingly, Prince will not be travelling with any of the Jackson family - a source said, "he won't be traveling alone, but he won't have any family members with him". The announcement comes just days before the start of Dr Conrad Murray's hugely anticipated trial. Murray is charged with the death of Prince's father, who died after being administered with a concoction of drugs. Opening statements at the trial are set to be televised on 27th September 2011.
Prince Michael visited the same charity event in 2002, with his father, sister Paris and brother Blanket. Whilst staying at the city's Adlon Hotel, the pop superstar memorably dangled Blanket over the balcony.