The infamous phone prankster who claimed to have fooled Michael Jackson has been threatened with legal action from the late superstar's estate for selling the recording online, but the joker insists the move proves his call was real.
Underground sensation Ralphige claimed to have called up Jackson in 2007, two years before his death, and pretended to be R&B star Akon, teasing the Thriller hitmaker about his child molestation trial.
Jackson reportedly claimed never to have spoken to Ralphige, insisting the call was faked using a voice impersonator.
Ralphige has now been hit with a letter from officials at the late singer's estate, warning him to stop selling the audio on his website, and the prankster believes the threat of legal action proves it really is Jackson's voice on the tape.
He tells, "The letter, if anything, it at least proves to the doubters that the prank call is real. I am afraid the estate is not aware Michael personally gave me permission to release the phone call. This is something that I am sure will be discussed in the near future."