Stunning new photos of Michael Jackson's eldest son PRINCE MICHAEL are helping those who insist the King of Pop is the boy's biological father hammer home their point - the teenager appears to suffer from the same skin problem as the late pop star.
Britain's Daily Mail and U.S. tabloid the Globe have published the pictures of the teen and his siblings, Paris and Prince Michael II, splashing around in a pool in Hawaii, where their grandmother Katherine took them for a vacation before the first anniversary of their father's death last week (25Jun10).
And one shot in particular has gossips going crazy - it appears the 13 year old has white patches of skin under his arms, suggesting he suffers from vitiligo, the condition that causes the skin to lose pigment.
His father maintained vitiligo was the reason his skin turned white, and an autopsy on his remains last year (10) confirmed he suffered from the disease.
Following Jackson's death, there were claims that the pop star was not the biological father of his three kids - and a sperm donor was used to impregnate the singer's former wife Debbie Rowe, Prince Michael and Paris' mother, and a mystery mum, who gave birth to his third kid, Blanket.
A family source tells the Globe, "It proves once and for all that Michael is the father."