Michael Jackson's daughter wants a person erased from her memory.

Paris Jackson is considering visiting a hypnotist to ask if she can have memories of a certain individual wiped from her mind so she never has to think about them again.

In a post on her Twitter account, she revealed: ''Is it possible to go to a hypnotist and get your memories of a past relationship or the entire memory of someone erased from your head?''

It isn't entirely clear who Paris - who has two brothers Prince Michael, 15, and 'Blanket', 10 - is referring to, but earlier tweets hint at a boyfriend.

The 14-year-old aspiring actress wrote: ''Warning do not back up severe tire damage; i.e. don't reverse/relive your past or you're gana get your tires effed up/recreate your mistakes (sic).''

Another tweet read: ''If you think of something you love like a ''precious gem'', treat it like a gem and not a rock ... maybe then it won't crack or break.''

Paris and her siblings have lived with their grandmother Katherine Jackson since their father Michael died in June 2009.