Paris Jackson Is Victim Of Cyber Bullying, Comments On Facebook 'Destroyed Her' - Comments and Message Board

Who have we got to thank for social media.... we didn't need it back in the day and we don't need it now

Posted 3 years 8 months ago by BlackJack777

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I'm sorry but I remember when her Aunt Janet was and had BEEN for a long time trying to take her cellphone because Paris wouldn't stop TWEETING AND FACEBOOKING HER AND THE JACKSON'S WHOLE DAMN LIFE BECAUSE SHE WAS PISSED FOR ALL OF THESE NUTTS TO SEE. But what happened, as usual people starting going after Janet (even lying claiming she had slapped Paris). This child TWEETS everything and unlike EVERYTHING her father tried so hard to do to protect her from just this kind of thing, he knew and her Aunt Janet also knows what can happens when their life is displayed like this Paris is learning this the hard way. This family does not and no longer have the luxury or the LOVE of everyone in the world like they used to (for no reason). She needs to CLOSE DOWN ALL OF THESE MEDIA OUTLETS PAGES FOR AWHILE AND STOP MAKING HERSELF A MARK OR AN EASY TARGET. She knows her family better than the BS people on these outlets, so I hope at some point her strength will overrides the BS and she can ignore the ignorant people or just laugh at them because they are envious and jealous. She is in the process of getting help and that is all she should be dealing with right now. She is a child who need to start listening to what people like her Aunt who loves her is telling her what to do and HOW to do it. SHE ALSO TWEETS WHEN SHE IS ANGER AND FOR THE DAUGHTER OF MICHAEL JACKSON THAT COULD BE DANGEROUS! So, Paris act as a 15 years old regular child does and try not to act like a "famous" 15 year old child, because THAT is where your biggest problem is. Hopefully all of these adult who all have the same agenda to get a slice of Michael's Estate like Wade Robson, Mark Lester, and the rest of them they really need to see the damage they are doing, grow up and STOP IT! Wade needs therapy if this is his real problem NOT MONEY! Money may be everything to them but, Michael's money should NOT be!

Posted 3 years 8 months ago by YANNI54

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