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the press makes up ka ka stories all the time.just for sensationalism.they are ridiculous!!! the key word here is 'HAD'the crime scene was contaminated by the goings in and out before determining mj was assanited*if the papa have nothiing else to do but stalk, accuse, and villify others. a well known way of besmerating people who have passed who cant and shouldnt have to explain themselvesyo! PAPA! stick your cameras and fallacious statements where the sun dont shine

Posted 7 years 3 months ago by njmralo

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ok this is all lies and bulls**t first of all look up spiderbites in search online ok he had vitigilo those dould have been spots the photo is not clear and you guys are making the world sick if michael is past or if he is in hiding we love you more michael this is a way to destroy him the media has gone mad it is crazy and very obvious by the media it is a spoof we want extent proof it is michael jackson who died we have a large site of over 100,000 working on his case and you lie so bad media is evil and wrong and to many stories changing where is michael where is hia boby almost a month and not burried yet deathcertificate not sign by a legal doctor come on man love you michael you media ppl rot

Posted 7 years 3 months ago by supermom75

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