Pop star Michael Jackson is moving one step closer to permanently closing his Neverland ranch, after finding homes for most of the animals residing on the California estate. The star has been living in Bahrain for the last 12 months since his acquittal of child molestation charges. Jackson's two tigers, SABU and THRILLER, are now being cared for by actress Tippi Hedren. The Birds actress runs the Shambala feline sanctuary and her fiance, Dr MARTIN DINNES, is Jackson's long-time veterinarian. Dinnes says the animals are being removed from Neverland and placed in suitable homes. He explains, "We're being really, really fussy about where they go. We want the best possible environments. Michael is adamant about that." An African bull elephant, a female elephant, and the ranch's horses have also found new homes. Four giraffes, two orangutans and various parrots, reptiles and deer remain at Neverland. Dines has rubbished reports the animals were neglected after Jackson left stating, "There has never been a lapse in the animals' care or feeding. I visit about once a week."