Michael Jackson's personal medic DR. CONRAD MURRAY has spoken out for the first time since the singer's death - and insists: "I did not kill him."
The singer was under the care of Dr Murray at the time of his death on 25 June (09), and police immediately questioned the medic about the events leading up to the singer's passing.
He was interviewed again two days later but has since reportedly fled California, refusing to talk to cops for a third time earlier this week (begs13Jul09).
Now he's spoken out to publicly address rumours of his involvement in Jackson's untimely passing, claiming he is a "scapegoat" for the tragedy.
And amid reports Jackson was on a cocktail of drugs prior to his death, Dr Murray insists he did not administer any substance to the King of Pop that would have killed him.
Dr Murray tells Britain's Sunday People, "I have lost a good friend. I did not give Michael anything that should have led to his death. I do not know anything more than anyone else about what killed Michael - but it wasn't me.
"It's human nature to try and find a scapegoat but if I was the focus of a criminal probe I would have been told by now. I have been told nothing even though I have been co-operating with the police since day one."
The doctor is also under constant 24 hour protection in the wake of Jackson's death, fearing he will be targeted by the singer's fans who see him as responsible.
A source tells Britain's News of the World, "Dr Murray did all he could to resuscitate Michael. He is in a terrible situation.
"Anyone who was there when Michael died would face similar anger from his fans because they feel he should have done more to save him. He is being given round-the-clock protection from the security team who looked after Michael."