LATEST: Michael Jackson is furious after learning bosses at MTV plan to continue airing Eminem's controversial video for his single JUST LOSE IT.

The 46-year-old BAD singer urged all TV networks to ban the clip, which features Eminem dressed as Jackson, jumping around on a bed with young children. His also nose then falls off and his hair bursts into flames - which spoofs the THRILLER star's accident on the set of a PEPSI commercial in 1984.

And while BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION (BET) has banned the video, MTV has decided to allow its broadcast, angering Jackson.

His spokesperson Raymone Bain tells website EURWEB, "Eminem released a statement, he and INTERSCOPE, saying they stand by the video and they're disappointed that BET pulled it. And MTV came out saying they were going to continue to air it on MTV, MTV2 and MTV Europe."

Jackson adds, "I think it's the wrong thing to do. It should be pulled, it shouldn't be played. It's incorrect."

Bain continues, "VH1 sent out a release this evening saying they were meeting on whether or not they're going to air it. So for them to release something like that must mean they're more than likely to pull it. I can't see them releasing a statement saying they're in the process of meeting on it."

14/10/2004 02:41