The mother of Michael Jackson's child molestation accuser went on the attack in court yesterday (18APR05), claiming the King Of Pop managed to "fool the world".

JANET JACKSON - formerly known as JANET ARVIZO before her recent marriage - used a cross-examination by Jackson's lawyer THOMAS MESEREAU to lash out at the singer, often staring at him across the courtroom in Santa Maria, California, as she made her claims.

The angry mother, who last week (ends15APR05) accused Jackson of kidnapping her and her family in February 2003, declared that the pop star "really didn't care about children, he cared about what he was doing with children."

Then, staring at the superstar, she told jurors, "He (Jackson) managed to fool the world. Now, because of this criminal case, people know who he really is."

Jackson is accused of molesting the woman's eldest son, GAVIN ARVIZO, giving the boy alcohol and conspiring to hold the boy's family captive to get them to rebut a negative TV documentary about the singer.

19/04/2005 03:08