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numb nuts.......what a PERFECT name for you! I bet you're known as numb nuts the world over! I have a few other names for you... d**khead....a**hole....or maybe just plain 'ol sh*t for brains! I got a million more that are too obscene, but TOTALLY appropriate for you! Go be a numb nuts somewhere else and keep your opinions on MJ to yourself. Because nobody CARES what you have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by Pegvg

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Nickname revealed??? Sure?? Evidently gave by a shameless woman full of jealousy and hate. @ reniatko I couldn't agree more with you

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by jo98b

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Didn't she leave him because even after they married (cough cough ahem) he was still playing with boys at Neverland? But she never moved into Neverland and continued to live in LA anyway. That's a sham marriage to me. His marriages were shams and for PR purposes only. But just like everything else in his life, it's all sordid and just downright suspect. But that's not his fault. Not his fault that he was hanging around with boys who then accused him of molestation. Not his fault that after 25 years he couldn't kick his addictions. That goes beyond being 'an illness' to 'it was his choice'. Not his fault that he was stupid enough to only know dishonest and unethical people who conned him. Nope, He wasn't gullible to be duped many times. He wasn't stupid to employ doctors because they would drug him at his request. Nope, everyone else on the planet is to blame for his fake marriages, fake babies, sordid life and disgusting multilated face. He was not responsible for a single dispicible aspect of his life. He wasn't addicted to anything, regardless of his family and mother saying he was. At least, that's what he and his fans say so it must be true. Jacko was hard done by all his life. HA! Everything he did was for the benefit of mankind and not himself. HA! OK fans, we get it, we just don't buy it. Maybe turd is, in fact, very appropriate for him. The way he lived his life made him nothing but dog s**te anyway. Everything he did stunk to high heaven. Oh but wait a minute. He could dance! All's forgiven and excused then. HA!

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by numb nuts

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almp is a f**king always jelous of Michael' career, his adoration from pp around the world and much , much more BITCH and two faces idiot!!. Looking for a publicity bitch? I can't stand her and always have!!!, have more babies stupid sleayt tweet, she is very good at changing husbands and have new babies.So happy Michael kicked her ass out from his life.

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by reniatko

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I've called him worse.

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by Mary Poppins

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So what? This is the nickname he had from childhood just like Janet was called Dunk! I really hope they DON'T make a big deal out of this. Lisa Marie needs to learn one thing, if you intervene with "personal letters" from Michael, you DO NOT PUT IT ONLINE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE. If this is what she has allowed then she should have just let them auction it off, because it couldn't have mean't that much to her if this is what she has done. This has only put his nickname out all over the world which (unless she wanted this publicity) only gives the media something else to F with Michael life. Even the Julien's Auction House care enough about her not to sell this letter, but she didn't care enough about Michael not to make it public. WHY AM I NOT SHOCKED!!??

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by YANNI54

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