Michael Jackson's children made a rare, unmasked appearance this week.

The fallen king of pop was spotted out with Prince Michael and Paris as they strolled through the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas with their dad wearing ordinary kids clothing.

In the past their eccentric dad has obscured their faces when taking them out in public by covering their heads with veils, as he did on a much-talked about trip to Berlin Zoo a few year ago.

The children are from the singer's brief marriage to Debbie Rowe, who was his dermatologist's wife.

For MICHAEL, the appearance was relatively normal as last time he was spotted, just before Christmas, he had what appeared to be pieces of tape dotted around his mouth.

More recently there has been speculation that the THRILLER singer is poised to make a comeback.

The Mirror recently reported that "Wacko Jacko" will release a 25th anniversary re-recording of THRILLER and that it will feature a "lot of surprise guests".

Although no name have been confirmed, MICHAELdid tell reporters at the Cannes Film Festival that he had a record in the pipeline.

01/02/2008 16:29:47