Members of Michael Jackson's inner circle have been forbidden from testifying at the upcoming manslaughter trial of the pop star's personal physician over fears they'll prolong the case and confuse jurors.
Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers had hoped to call Jackson's former nanny and his dermatologist, among others, to the witness stand in an effort to prove that the King of Pop had an extensive addiction to drugs and accidentally overdosed, but Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Michael Pastor has excluded the testimony of more than a dozen defence witnesses.
Explaining his ruling on Tuesday (30Aug11), the judge said, "Discussions of these subject matters are sufficiently convoluted, distracting and detracting as to substantially outweigh any probative value whatsoever."
Judge Pastor has already ruled out testimony from anyone involved in Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial.
A lawyer for Dr. Murray, who stands accused of administering the drug that killed Jackson in June, 2009, tells the Los Angeles Times the defence plans to file a motion later this week (begs29Aug11) asking the judge to reconsider his banned witnesses.