On the third anniversary of Michael Jackson 's death, the doctor who was jailed for killing him reportedly regrets not testifying himself, during the trial. Reuters reports today that Dr. Conrad Murray, who is serving time in Los Angeles County Jail, now recognizes that it may have worked in his favor to have testified during the trial.
Murray was visited yesterday by two of his lawyers. Attorney J. Michael Flanagan said that he was "adapting fairly well for a person who is serving time and who is actually innocent" and added "Murray now realizes that he should have testified.Now he says that the biggest mistake he made in the trial of the case was not testifying. We had so many gaps in the case that needed to be filled, that could only be supplied by Dr. Murray." Flanagan explained that there were several nuances in the case that could only be fully explained by Murray, who was the only person alone with Michael Jackson in the hours preceding his death.
Valerie Wass, another of Conrad Murray's lawyers, is working on an appeal for Murray's case. The appeal is being based on the fact that jurors will have been influenced by information that they will have inadvertently seen on social media sites such as Twitter. "I think during the trial, it would have been difficult not to go on Twitter and see anything (about the case)," she explained, and will be appealing on Murray's behalf, on that basis.