Dr Conrad Murray, the doctor at the centre of the court case surrounding the death of pop star Michael Jackson, faces sentencing today (November 29th 2011) after being found guilty on a count of involuntary manslaughter. One of the most publicised trials of recent times took six weeks to resolve.
The Bbc reports that prosecutors have asked for Murray to be sentenced to four years in jail, the maximum allowed in such a case; his own lawyers meanwhile have requested that he be allowed to remain on probation, citing his own "lifetime sentence of self-punishment". What could really twist the knife into the doctor however would be if he came to lose his license to practise medicine, while prosecutors also want him to pay restitution to Jackson's surviving children Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket.
Relief for Murray may come however in the recent rule changes to overcrowding in California county jails, where he will potentially be doing his time. Indeed such is the situation regarding overcrowding at the moment, it's possible that the doctor will spend barely any of his sentence behind bars - we've already seen Lindsay Lohan freed just four hours into a supposed 30 day sentence, and though this is obviously a far more serious case, the potential for Murray to walk free remains.