Michael Jackson's eldest children wept in horror as their father remained unresponsive on his bedroom floor, according to witnesses testifying on day two of the singer's high profile death trial. The court heard how the pop star's children were in disbelief as Jackson lie with mouth agape and eyes wide open, reports the Associated Press.
Faheem Muhammed, the ex-chief of Michael's security team, said in court that the children witnessed their father's final moments. He also claimed Dr Conrad Murray, who is charged with the involuntary manslaughter of the star, phoned Jackson's assistant before calling an ambulance and may have sought to hide evidence. Muhammed claimed Jackson's children Prince and Paris witnessed the chaotic scene, saying, "Paris was on the ground balled-up crying and Prince, he was just standing there, he had a real shocked - just slowly crying - look on his face". He added that Murray asked him and other guards whether they knew Cpr. Prosecutors claim the doctor not only caused the singer's death by giving him the powerful anaesthetic Propofol, but was also negligent in his care of the 'Thriller' star. Jackson's assistant Michael Williams testified that he received a call from Dr Murray with the message, "Call me right away" so immediately phoned him back. He was then told Jackson had suffered "a bad reaction" and was asked to call 911.
Alberto Alvarez, the first bodyguard to reach the frantic scene in Michael Jackson's bedroom, is expected to testify today (29th September 2011).