Mother Katherine Wants $40 Billion From AEG Over Michael Jackson's Death - Comments and Message Board

Conrad Murray has proven that AEG hired him. If Ms. Katherine's lawsuit is against AEG and Murray was the scapegoat and was found guilty of killing MJ's and is doing jail time plus has lost his license to practice medicine, then what reason would he have to refuse to testify against AEG by taking the 5th. I wonder if AEG has gotten to him and promised that when he gets out of jail they will financially take care of him. I remember the contract that Murray had was sign by AEG and Murray not by MJ. They claimed MJ died before he could sign it I'll bet MJ wasn't suppose to sign anything. If MJ was in debt before the tour how was he going to hire and pay anyone? AEG took care of every aspect of that concert including payment to MJ. Now AEG is after MJ's children supposedly deposing them, but it sounds more like an interrogation. I just read that they have deposed Ms. Katherine for the last three day, 9 hours per day and they want a fourth. AEG doesn't want to take any responsibilty and by allowing Murray to take the fall, they assumed that would be it once he was convicted, but like MJ's death, Ms. Katherine is curtailing their plans.

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by YANNI54

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yes someone thought he was worth more dead than alive ??? and conrad should be on death row as for me !!! scary to have a killer doctor !!!

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by zen2580

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