Michael Jackson is ''watching over'' his daughter Paris.

The 'Thriller' hitmaker's sister La Toya Jackson believes the late singer - who passed away in June 2009 - is watching over his 20-year-old daughter and is making sure she is on the ''right path''.

She said: ''He's always watching over her, I believe, to make sure that she's on the right, proper path. Because he used to say things before [he died] ... 'Okay, if something happens to me, make sure you watch over Paris, 'cause Paris has a personality. She loves the business, but I wanna make sure she's okay.'''

And the 61-year-old singer thinks Paris is a lot like Michael.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: ''She has a heart like her father. She has a good heart, which is really, really, really great because that's hard to find ... it's hard to find in today's society, in this world that we live in.''

Meanwhile, Paris previously admitted she wanted to embrace fame to help ''the masses''.

She said: ''I originally wanted to just kind of stay out of the spotlight and become a psychologist or a nurse at a psychiatric ward. I realised it would be a shame to waste the platform I was given. Having the ability to go into the acting and fashion world, I just figured why not use that to make my platform bigger. That way, instead of helping the world one by one with patients, I could help the masses ... The best advice I've been given is to be strategic in the mind, young at heart, and wise in the soul. If you have those three things you can navigate pretty easily any path that you're on.''