Michael Jackson, the legendary pop singer who passed away in June 2009 under unusual circumstances, was already dead before paramedics arrived at his home, a court has heard. DR CONRAD MURRAY is accused of gross negligence after he administered an extremely powerful anaesthetic to help Jackson get to sleep, and a preliminary hearing has begun to determine whether there is enough evidence for the cardiologist to stand trial.
Dr Murray gave the singer the powerful 'Propofol' shortly before his death, and Jackson was found to have died from intoxication of the drug which was complicated by other sedatives, reports the Press Association. Prosecutors claim that evidence clearly shows how Dr Murray attempted to conceal the fact that he had administered the anaesthetic - he is said to have called bodyguards to collect medical items from Jackson's home before paramedics arrived. Lawyer DAVID WALGREN said in the Los Angeles Court, "The evidence will show through the expert testimony, by all accounts, Michael Jackson was dead in the bedroom at 100 North Carrolwood prior to the paramedics arriving".
If convicted of the charge of 'Involuntary Manslaughter', Murray could face up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license, however, he has pleaded not guilty.