Michael Jackson was "an alien", according to Quincy Jones' daughter Rashida Jones.

The 35-year-old actress grew up around the late pop superstar because of his close Friendship with her father - who produced Michael's three classic albums, 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller' and 'Bad' - and she admits his eccentric personality and kind nature were out of sync with the rest of the world.

She told Playboy magazine: "Michael basically grew up with us, so I have a million memories of him. We were at each other's house all the time. He was definitely a little bit of an alien, for sure, and when I was young, it felt as if he was my age, not 18 years older, but with just a little bit more pep."

When Rashida got older she would hang out with Michael - who died in June 2009 aged just 50 - and she has revealed the 'Black or White' singer loved to drive around secretly squirting strangers with water pistols.

The 'Social Network' star added: "Later in my life, we'd go out on the town together. He always wore those surgical masks. Once, my sister, Michael, Emmanuel Lewis and I got in a car with Super Soakers and went by a movie theatre and supersoaked the hell out of people waiting in line. They had no idea they'd just been supersoaked by the King of Pop."