Michael Jackson used to listen to motivational tapes when he slept.

The late singer - who died of acute Propofol intoxication in 2009 - stayed with veteran actress Jane Fonda in 1981, and she was surprised to discover a series of recordings urging him to be a good person that he kept under his pillow.

She told TV talk show host ROSIE O'DONNELL: "Michael Jackson lived with me for 10 days when I was making 'On Golden Pond'. He slept on a mattress that he put on the floor, I was in the loft, and there was a tape recorder, and I looked down and I could see a cord under his pillow and it was a tape that he would listen to and it would say, 'You're a good person, it's going to be OK.' "

Meanwhile, the 'Thriller' hitmaker's house has been recreated for an auction in Beverly Hills on Saturday (17.12.11).

More than 500 pieces of fine art that filled his home on 100 North Carolwood Drive have joined items including a chalk board with 'love you Daddy' written on and a piano on display ahead of the sale.

However, the bed in which he passed away in will not be sold by Julien's Auctions following a special request from Michael's mother Katherine Jackson.