Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson has refilled a wrongful death lawsuit against the late singer's doctor on the same day that new song 'Must Too Soon' from the forthcoming posthumous collection 'Michael' was released on iTunes, reports the Los Angeles Times.
Jackson's father refilled a wrongful death lawsuit on Tuesday (30th November 2010) against the doctor charged with his son's death. He also added a Las Vegas pharmacy as a defendant in the case, as their records apparently show that the physician bought a powerful anaesthetic there - the same drug that is blamed for Jackson's death. The lawsuit aims to seek damages from DR CONRAD MURRAY who has pleaded not guilty in the separate case for 'involuntary manslaughter' of the singer. Jackson's father initially filed the case on the first anniversary of his son's death, but a judge advised that the case should be heard in state court. Brian Oxman, JOE JACKSON's attorney said, "This has been a long process and the facts of Michael's death have been way too slow in emerging".
New song 'Much Too Soon' is the 10th and final track on the upcoming album 'Michael', and follows the record's first single 'Hold My Hand', which debuted at No. 84 on the US Hot 100.