Michael Jackson's former pet chimpanzee Bubbles is set to have his artwork put up for sale at a charity auction.

The common chimpanzee, who was a frequent travel companion of the iconic musician during the 1980s, has developed a passion for painting and some of the primate's best work is poised to go under the hammer at a charity show in Miami called Apes That Paint.

The 4.5-foot-tall animal will be joined at the unusual exhibition by more than 60 other apes that were raised in the showbiz industry, before being abandoned by their owners.

The proceeds from the event are going to The Center for Great Apes in Wachula, Florida, where Bubbles has been housed since 2005.

The exhibition, which opens on July 21, also features artwork from chimps that featured in 'Planet Of The Apes'.

And according to the Daily Mirror newspaper, as much as $30 million is needed in order to provide full care to the Center's 61 residents until the end of their lives.

Patti Ragan, founder of the Center For Great Apes, previously revealed Bubbles lives in a giant enclosure with other chimpanzees to keep him company.

By contrast, Bubbles used to live a luxurious lifestyle alongside Michael, who bought him from a research facility in Texas.

Speaking in 2012, Patti said: ''Bubbles lives with a group of seven chimpanzees, three males and four females and it looks as if he is becoming the dominant male in his group.

''He has a good life, good nutrition and lots of climbing and play activities.''

However, Michael's relatives have reportedly not contributed towards Bubbles' care since the Grammy Award-winning star passed away in 2009.