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Here he goes again, Give it up of shut the fuck up already, you have been singing this same song for 4 years now, give up or shut up.... HE IS NOT HER OR THE BOYS GODFATHER OR FATHER!!!!!!!!!!! And he don't give a s%&t about what she's going through because if he did he wouldn't be lying about being her and the boys dad. in a way he's partly responsible for what she did.............MARK LESTER GET A J OB AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING OFF OF A DEAD MAN THAT CAN'T REBUT YOUR LIES!!!!! Leave them ids alone you liar, everyone knows you are a liar even your own ex-wife said so. and them kids aren't white if she were yours she would be as pale as your kids and she (Or the boys aren't. WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO AWAY AND GET A JOB,LOL AN ACTOR THAT ONLY PLAYED ONE ROLE OLIVER!!!!!! YOU ARE PATHETIC AND A WANNA-BE who only uses your "friendship" with MJ to lie about him and try to make money off him, some "friend" you turned out to be . GET A JOB Mark Lester

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by m.j. lover and ...

m.j. lover and believer 4 life's picture

Oh!!!!!! god Biological dad!!! forgot when he was alive & now want money & Publicity.......u rascal....MJ IS THEIR BIOLOGICAL FATHER. U r godfather wright?????????????????? u r nothing.DNA test is just for show.U also u aren't their father.If they agreed u can't stand for.

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by rosemary moly gomes

rosemary moly gomes's picture

My goodness...why can't they just leave it alone?? The rats are all starting to come out of their holes.....:(

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by rockin robin

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what a fucking pseudo "friend" , prick., an Asshole, hungry for fame and money smelly shit he is. He only made a stupid movie a very long time ago and call himself a star. What a fucking joke he is. He never was a close friend with Michael , he only kept an umbrella above Michaeel's head. NOTHING ELSE. Michael had never have any further contact with this leeche. This retard has been spreading false news about Michael and his life since Michael's death. Go to hell arrogant, stupid, low-brain shit.

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by reniatko

reniatko's picture

Mark Lester only help MJs umbrella for a couple of days and this guy keeps selling you his BS lies and you guys keep buying them. Lester was not MJ's pal and is NOT the father of any of those kids. Why wont the media do any "real" journalism anymore? Anyone who looks into this guy even a little bit can see he's a con-artist.

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by Ms Smith

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