Michael Jackson's goddaughter ''never'' felt ''uncomfortable'' around the star, following the child sexual abuse allegations made against him.

Lucy Lester - who is the daughter of former child actor Mark Lester, a close friend of the late King of Pop - has spoken out in defence of the 'Thriller' hitmaker after he was accused of child sexual abuse by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.

The 27 year old - who first met Michael when she was 12 - believes the motivation for Wade and James' claims against Michael was ''definitely monetary'', and says she believes the music icon is innocent.

Speaking to talkRADIO, she said: ''All I can say is what I've seen, what I feel is right. That's all I can say. My opinion is based on knowing him. Not knowing him is how people in the media see him, but knowing him on a friend basis and being around him ... I never had the slightest inkling, saw or heard anything that made me feel uncomfortable.''

Lucy's comments come after her father Mark - who is the godfather to all three of Michael's children, Prince, 22, Paris, 21, and Blanket, 17, and who has previously claimed to be the biological father of Paris after operating as a sperm donor for Michael and his then-wife Debbie Rowe - slammed the allegations against the 'Billie Jean' singer as ''horrendous''.

He said last month: ''These are horrendous allegations against a man who can't defend himself because he's not around any more.''

Mark and Lucy have spoken out to defend Michael, following similar comments made my members of his family, including his nephew Taj Jackson, who recently claimed he was working on his own documentary which he says will ''get the truth out there''.

He said: ''I'm doing a documentary about the media's relationship with my uncle and how they've reported certain things as factual that were lies. I'm going to go back all the way to 1993 with the first allegation and uncover that along with the 2005 allegations. I'm obviously going to make it entertaining because I don't want people to fall asleep, but it's going to be about facts, court documents, depositions and interviews. It's going to be about debunking what you heard and sharing what really happened. I want to get the truth out there.''