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News flash, Murray was convicted a couple of years ago of involuntary manslaughter, which requires a finding of gross negligence. Why don't journalists know that? And that his doctor was convicted of the crime? It was pretty big news, but somehow or another journalists get real fuzzy about it. (I guess they prefer to make up their own story, so they just ignore things like the word HOMICIDE on the coroner's report and the whole thing about gross negligence and the criminal conviction) They get real fuzzy about math when it comes to Jackson too. $500m in debt at death + $425m in posthumous earnings means he is now worth billions!!!! (who cares that the math doesn't work! it's a great story! and if you don't like that story, no prob, the next day you can just say he's broke! and homeless!) And hey! why stop there? why not make up crap about the toxicology report too! and his kids! and the family! and gosh - since it was so much fun to make up crap that lead to the '05 criminal trial that just about killed him so you could have a good time making up more crap about it- why not make up more sinister stories! truth be damned! there is so much fantasy to be explored!!!!! the nose!!!! the missing nose!!!! the skin!!! the race change operation that doesn't exist!!!! the chimpanzee that was never abandoned!!!!! the elephant man bones that were never for sale!!!!! the oxygen chamber that was always a piece of medical equipment for burn victims!!!!!! sick crimes and more complete idiocy!!!!! WHY NOT JUST ABANDON ALL TRUTH AND ALL SENSE OF REALITY AND JUST MAKE UP CRAP ALL DAY LONG???? WEE!!!! IT'S MICHAEL JACKSON, JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!!! YOU'RE JOURNALISTS!!!!! WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT TRUTH????? AND DECENCY??? AND PEOPLE WITH SKIN DISEASES??? VICTIMS OF EXTORTION??? TABLOID BULLYING? WHY JUST WRITE ABOUT THE WRONGFUL DEATH SUIT WHEN YOU USE THOSE COOL QUOTATION MARKS AND WRITE ABOUT THE "WRONGFUL DEATH" SUIT!!!!!!!!!!! WEE!!!! And don't forget to talk trash about the crazy fans!!! You can even quote David Streitfeld from the NYT about their attacks! Tell about their insane crazy rants and all caps! Think of the possibilities. Just look at all the material I've given you. You could take it out of context and re-write it a million different ways to make all fans look really stupid! Maybe even find a spelling or punctuation error or two!

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by ultravioletrae

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He is total Murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nothing but.We the normal fan can find many clue which just enough for proving him Murderer.Anything for MONEY.GOD will show the justice.Love u moor Mike.

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by rosemary moly gomes

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Of course he was negligent....

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by rockin robin

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