Anthony James Jackson II previously battled with Jackson's nephew, TJ Jackson, over guardianship of the late superstar's kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket following the singer's death in 2009.

TJ was named co-guardian of the youngsters along with Michael's mother Katherine, and Anthony's challenge was shot down by the courts.

He has now filed legal papers requesting visitation rights to the two youngest children, Paris and Blanket, according to

Anthony is reportedly asking a judge to grant him regular visits with the two youngsters.

The news comes after Paris, 17, hit back at critics who condemned the teenager over her smoking habit.

The youngster, who has been pictured puffing on cigarettes, wrote in a post on, "I get it guys, I get it. Smoking isn't cool. I get it. Sure as hell beats everything else in my past thought (sic). This is the last (least) bad thing I could be doing right now. Especially compared to over half the population of 17 year old girls in this country. So please chill... thought (sic) I suppose you guys would be talking s**t if i was eating a donut too so at this point there is nothing left to say. Like me or hate me. I have nothing to prove to anyone, I'm me. and I'm happy."