Pop eccentric Michael Jackson is to open his theme-park home Neverland to the public - for $5,000 (GBP3,125) a ticket.

The BAD singer's home will be open for one day only - 13 September (03) - and 250 visitors will be able to enjoy the attractions, which include an amusement park, video arcade, zoo and movie theatre.

The promotional material reads, "From the moment you enter the gates, you will wish that this day could last forever."

However, questions are being fielded as to what will happen to the $4,000 (GBP2,500) left over after $1,000 (GBP625) from each ticket is given to a charity.

A source tells gossip site PEOPLE NEWS, "(It'll go into) Michael's pocket. He stands to make a million from this - and there's no guarantee he'll even be there!"

Others are speculating that the move may be an effort on Jackson's part to sell the theme park - which is proving cripplingly expensive to maintain in the wake of the THRILLER star's many court cases.

21/08/2003 17:11