Michael Jackson Needed Shrink For Shows, Says Stage Boss - Comments and Message Board

The only thing this is saying is a MJ or any man at 50 shouldn't be expected to perform 50 concerts by AEG and anybody else. I wouldn't expect Michael Jackson or anyone else to pretend that they are 20 again so that the likes of AEG could make millions of dollars. This is proof positive that AEG only wanted Michael Jackson's name because they knew this is the name that could bring forth sold out crowds which mean't millions of dollars for them, and as Ms Katherine has been saying all along, AEG never gave a damn about Michael mentally, emotionally and physically (healthwise). Their bottomline is like all business is to make money which is understandable, but businesses should ALWAYS take care of the their star or whatever or whomever their golden goose happen to be! MJ was only a golden goose to these people and as long as their hired hand Dr. Murray could get MJ on stage that is all they wanted. They knew MJ was is bad shape and now they don't want to be responsible for hiring the man who would abide by their rules which was "we don't care how you do it, but get him performing". God doesn't like ugly and what they were attempting to do to MJ was ugly, so God took MJ before any of those demons could make one red cent off of his back! RIP,MJ

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by YANNI54

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