Michael Jackson may have had a huge number of unreleased tracks stolen from the late star's record label Sony after James Marks and James MCcormick were arrested on the suspicion of hacking into the major's files to get hold of the files. Sony had signed a deal with the Jacksons in 2010, a year after the King Of Pop died, to release 10 albums of the artist's work covering both previously unavailable work and his back catalogue.
Reuters reports that the pair arrested last Autumn were summoned before court today and denied the charges levelled at them under the Computer Misuse Act and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act at Leicester Crown Court. They're now currently on bail but will wait until January 2013 to stand trial. There has been no official word on the volume of files acquired from Sony, the company themselves making no official comment and a lack of sources coming forward to confirm the rumors that the files stolen numbered thousands.