A Michael Jackson memorabilia museum could have its doors shut permanently before it even opens.

Richard Fossaas, a Michael Jackson superfan from Norway, has amassed an impressive collection of over 3000 items relating to the 'Billie Jean' hitmaker - who died in June 2009 - and had teamed up with Henry Vera to display that collection to the masses.

However, the pair are now in a legal battle after Fossaas claims he has been left without a venue after he offered Vera 30 percent of the business to find a home for the museum in Hollywood but says Vera had no contacts to make this happen.

Fossaas also claims Vera borrowed $20,000 and has yet to pay it back and is now suing Vera for that money as well as damages and he also wants to void the agreement they made, the court papers seen by The Blast reveal.

However, Fossaas' museum - which was expected to display a signed 'Thriller' jacket - may have never got off the ground anyway as the Michael Jackson estate wasn't involved in the project.

Michael Jackson memorabilia has been displayed in many exhibitions across the globe including at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles in late 2009 in memory of the singer, who had passed away earlier that year.

Some of the items on display included the white suite he wore on the cover of his album 'Thriller', as well as the iconic red leather jacket and the Letterman jacket that he wore in the 'Thriller' music video. One of his sequin gloves and the fedora he wore for the live performance of 'Billie Jean' during the 1984 Victory Tour also went on display.