Michael Jackson posthumous output has been disappointing, if you judge him by Tupac and NOTORIOUS B.I.G. standards, but fear not Jacko fans, as Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame has made a never-before-released song he recorded with Michael Jackson available on his website! According to Entertainment Tonight News, Jackson travelled to Gibb's Miami home in 2001 to work on the song All in Your Name, and this is the first time the song has been made public anywhere.
"Michael and I gravitated towards the same kind of music," said Gibb. "We loved collaborating, and he was the easiest person to write with. The more we got to know each other the more those ideas entwined and it all came to this song." As well as being available for download from Barry Gibb's website (barrygibb.com), Gibb has also released unseen video footage of the pair recording the song, showing Michael laying down some vocals and laughing and talking with the Bee Gees star. Holy Moly! published more comments from Gibb: "All in Your Name is, in fact, the message that Michael wanted to send out to all of his fans all over the world, that he did it all for them and for the pure love of music. I hope and pray that we all get to hear it in its entirety. This experience, I will treasure forever."