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@ m.j.lover...I want to hug u.Thanks for ur post.I just start writing & my eyes in ur post "1993"&I read ur post.For many years they try to caret mJ as Monster.But all their effort turns love for mj's fan.The moor they try to caret heat for him the moor love MJ gets from his fans.So let them do.what they want to do.MJ is always be MJ & his Fans also always be with him & his family.Love u moor Mike.

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by rosemary moly gomes

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P.S. What celebrity hasn't had surgery? As Michael said on Oprah in 1993, he said and I quote " If everybody in LA who has had surgery went on Vacation there would be no one left" Why does that matter? what does/did that have to do with him being murdered? That was no contribution to his death? it had nothing to do with it, and the "facelift" were skin grafts from the burns he received in 1983.they had to pull his skin and stretch it to cover his scars,the "baldness was caused by the Lupus,and the "skin whitening" was due to vitiligo And this too is recycled from the Conman Murderer trial IT'S NOT NEW NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Let the man RIP already

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by m.j. lover and ...

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This is the main reason why I'm glad there aren't tv cameras in the courtroom. although that has already been shown and tweeted to the kids by haters how low will they go?:(

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by m.j. lover and ...

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Poor Michael....didn't he suffer enough in his life?? Why do they have to try to humiliate him by showing those pictures? The tabloids have already started to print trash about him again! He didn't deserve it when he was here and he definantly doesn't deserve it now! I know Mrs. Jackson wants justice for her son...but I don't think any amount of money would be worth the crap that those AEG lawyers will probably say about him! The only consolation is that Michael is in a better place and can't be hurt anymore....RIP MJ.....I love you!!!!!

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by rockin robin

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