Michael Jackson's Alleged Illegitimate Son Promises "I Am Not Suing The Estate" - Comments and Message Board

That bunch looked like they are all in the mob! They were there with that wannabe MJ, Corey Feldman who probably was paid to be there! Wouldn't you think that Howard would have been there wanting to get the good news he had always wonder about all of his life whether MJ was his real father? These people opened up an orange looking envelope saying the test was taken by a no name lab in Washington, no maybe Utah, no maybe Ireland. This guy pretended to be reading this report as if we didn't already know that no matter what the results(if any at all)they were going to say it was positive. It was like a versionf Maury Povick! If B.Howard nor any of the other Jackson family member did not give their permission to use their DNA to underhandedly get real or bogus results, I hope they sue the drawers off of not only this joker, but FilmOne and Corey Feldman!

Posted 2 years 11 months ago by YANNI54

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