Pop superstar Michael Jackson has filed a suit against his old record label Motown for unpaid royalties.

The 44-year-old BAD singer claims Motown, and its parent company UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, owes him millions of dollars in royalties from when he performed with his siblings and his solo work.

The JACKSON 5 have an extensive body of work and, according to the lawsuit, the group agreed it wasn't entitled to royalties for any track recorded before 1976.

But the Jackson camp says Motown should pay up if any of their songs were re-released or put on a greatest hits album.

The suit also claims Motown exploited the name Jackson 5 without permission in areas like, "TV commercials, radio advertisements... for products unrelated to plaintiff's musical recordings."

The record label's conduct, according to the suit, was, "wilful and intentional and done with fraud oppression and malice."

It's not the first time Michael Jackson has had a squabble with a record label. Just last year (02), Jackson lashed out at Sony, claiming it failed to properly promote his last album, INVINCIBLE, which had disappointing sales.

12/05/2003 09:17