Michael Jackson disguised himself as a ''clown'' and ''a stroke victim'' to party with hookers.

His former physician Dr Conrad Murray, who was jailed for administering a fatal dose of prescription drugs to the singer in 2009, has revealed the lengths to which the 'Dirty Diana' hitmaker went in order to stop prostitutes recognising him.

Extracts published in the Daily Mirror newspaper from Dr Murray's tell-all book about the star, to be published Tuesday (19.07.16), reveal: ''He was a crazy and wonderful lunatic. We'd speed to the downtown Las Vegas strip. Sometimes we would bring along a mask or other disguise. Downtown, we'd walk the streets, with Michael ecstatic that virtually no one recognised him. I once wore scrubs and Michael walked with a limp, pretending to be a stroke victim. He was drooling on one side of his mouth.''

Murray recalls one time the pair went to Gold Coast Hotel and arranged for women to be sent to a private room and Michael - who was worth £600million - requested ''exotic, mixed race, very thin women'' and felt like a ''kid in a candy store''.

He said: ''Michael did his 'stroke victim' act as he walked through, and I was in green medical scrubs... I telephoned an escort agency and discussed the type of girls Michael wanted. Exotic. Mixed race. Very thin women. If they had large breasts that was OK, so long as the rest of them was pencil thin. About 45 minutes later, two girls arrived. They weren't bad.... I would not have picked them to dance for me if I had walked in to a strip bar. But they looked just right to Michael who seemed like a kid in a candy store.''

Murray continued: ''We had already decided we'd tell the girls we were Saudi Arabian brothers.

''Michael wore pyjamas and a surgical mask, not much of a disguise for somebody so frequently associated with one. I was still in my scrubs. We spoke a fake Arabic to each other as the girls came into the room and sized us up. (They) stripped down to their panties, the girls danced around Michael. I had decided to leave the girls to Michael, instead acting only as the evening's ''financier'' and I was on guard for any problems. I kept passing cash to Michael.

''The girls would show him where to put the bills, sliding it into some strap or elastic band of their underwear.

In the extracts, he adds: ''Another time, with Michael dressed as a clown, we had to keep stifling laughter as people stared at us. Eventually we broke into hysterics for so long our stomach muscles ached.''