Michael Jackson has studio executives worried his child molestation charges will dent the box office receipts of forthcoming comedy MISS CAST AWAY, in which he makes a cameo appearance as a secret agent.

The 45-year-old THRILLER star makes fun of his guest part in Men In Black II in the new movie, which follows 30 beauty contestants who battle for survival after their plane crashes on a desert island.

But director BRYAN MICHAEL STOLLER has no doubt Jackson is innocent of the charges and isn't concerned they'll affect the movie's performance when it's released in April (04), as bad publicity is better than no publicity.

He says, "It's in Michael's favour. He's popular, whether it's negative or positive press. I know he's innocent.

"Michael's got a great sense of humour. He plays AGENT MJ. It's a parody on his cameo in Men in Black II, where he wanted to be AGENT M, but they wouldn't let him. Michael tells them what their assignments are."

08/01/2004 17:17