Michael Jackson 's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez, the first member of the singer's security team to arrive at the scene of his death, claims he was told to hide evidence by Dr Conrad Murray. Testifying at day three of the high profile trial, Mr Alvarez said Murray began grabbing the the vials of drugs from a nightstand next to Jackson's bed, according to the UK's Guardian newspaper.
Alberto recalled how he entered the bedroom and saw that Michael's eyes were open. He began stowing away the vials of drugs, at the behest of Dr Murray, before calling the police. The security guard also claimed the singer was in "good spirits" at his rehearsal session the evening before he died, saying, "He was very happy.I do recall he was in very good spirits". Authorities accuse Murray of giving Jackson a lethal dose of the powerful anaesthetic Propofol in the bedroom. The jury have been given an idea of the entertainer's inner sanctum via photos and testimony - they were also played an audio tape in which Jackson slurs his words while speaking about his legacy. Alvarez, who said he began stashing away vials of medicine and an intravenous bag, claimed Jackson appeared to be dead when he first arrived in the room. The testimony will be challenged by Murray's defence attorneys, who yesterday questioned Jackson's head of security and the singer's personal assistant about why they initially held back certain details about the day Jackson died.
Several members of the Jackson family have been in the courtroom during the first few days of testimony. Yesterday the court heard how the singer's eldest children wept as they witnessed their father's unresponsive body on the bedroom floor.