Michael Jackson's bodyguard ALBERTO ALVAREZ has appeared in court to testify in the preliminary court hearing concerning the singer's death, reports the Press Association. The trial is seeking to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence for DR CONRAD MURRAY to stand trial on a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Authorities say the doctor gave the singer a lethal dose of the powerful anaesthetic Propofol before he died on June 25 2009.
Giving evidence yesterday (6th January 2011), Alvarez spoke of how he frantically obeyed Murray's orders to bag up medical equipment including syringes before ringing for an ambulance for Jackson. The 32-year-old confirmed that he was the first guard to arrive at the singer's room after being alerted of a disturbance. Alvarez said he saw Jackson lying on his bed connected to an IV tube while Murray leaned over him doing "one handed chest compressions to try to revive him". The bodyguard added that he became 'frozen' at the sight, noting, "I said, 'Dr Murray, what happened?' And he said, 'He had a reaction. He had a bad reaction".
Murray, a cardiologist from Houston Texas, has pleaded not guilty and his lawyers have stated that no drug he administered should have killed the singer. If tried and convicted, the doctor could face up to four years in prison.