Today would have been Michael Jackson's birthday his 54th to be exact. The deluge of articles reminding us of this fact range from blinkered celebration of his talents, to a harsh reminder of some of the less appealing facets of Michael Jackson 's life and career. It seems that even in death, Jackson will divide opinion and invite controversy, just as his family's bickering over his will and the custody has continued to take top billing in the tabloid headlines in recent weeks.
The Huffington Post have been quick to remind us that, amidst all the reverence for his music career that Michael Jackson was still the man that dangled his baby out of a hotel room window and kept a pet monkey called Bubbles (yeah, we know it was cute, but it wasn't exactly normal.). Huffington Post have also reminded us of the varied allegations that were made against Michael Jackson- not to mention all the wild rumours. Let's face it - you can love Michael Jackson's music all you like: the guy was an oddball. For whatever reason: he was an oddball.
On a slightly lighter note, MTV have highlighted the late Michael Jackson's persistent relevance in modern pop culture. Cirque Du Soleil are currently touring a Michael Jackson-themed show and Pepsi have re-launched their Michael Jackson-led advertising campaign. Following the high profile appearance of the Tupac hologram at this year's Coachella festival, Jackson has topped the list of deceased stars that music fans want to be resurrected in holographic form. Michael Jackson, then: he may be gone but his legacy lives on and he most certainly hasn't been forgotten.