Michael Jackson was conned into spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, according to close family friend Mark Lester.
Jackson only confessed to having gone under the knife twice, but experts insist he had multiple cosmetic surgeries and a host of other procedures.
The former Oliver! actor, who is godfather to Jackson's children, insists the pair never discussed the star's surgery - but he's convinced his pal was tricked into undergoing expensive procedures by practitioners who were after the Thriller singer's cash.
Lester recalls preventing the star from spending thousands on his youngest son, Prince Michael 'Blanket' II's, dental treatment - when he only needed a small filling.
He says, "I do believe Michael was conned into a lot of it. I remember, a few years ago, when Blanket needed a tooth filling. The nanny Grace took him to the dentist and the practitioner advised that he needed $40,000 worth of work. I spoke to Grace and told her to get a second opinion and take him to a dentist under a false name. She did - and all he needed was a $200 filling."