Record producer RUDY PROVENZIO wrapped up the prosecution's case in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial this morning (04MAY05) by testifying he was party to what he called conspiracy calls to kidnap the family of the pop star's accuser.

Provenzio told the court in Santa Maria, California that he kept detailed notes about phone conversations and "strange happenings" while he was working with Jackson and film producer Marc Schaffel on a proposed benefit CD, called WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE.

He testified that he and other executives had been present when phones went "ballistic" as members of the media attempted to get information about the boy who admitted he slept with Jackson in the damning LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON documentary, which aired on TV around the world at the beginning of 2003.

Provenzio told the court he was a party to two conference calls that took place between Jackson and his associates, in which they discussed making a rebuttal video for profit.

The producer noted that Jackson was told by one of his associates that the accuser and his family could "ruin your career... They could blackmail you."

Provenzio also claimed he had a conversation with another associate who made a flippant remark about the killers who were "after the family."

The prosecution team, who are trying to prove Jackson and his aides conspired to kidnap and imprison the accuser's family to stop them from speaking to the police or the media, was expected to rest its case as went to press.

The defence team is planning to call its line of witnesses, beginning with Jackson's actor friend Macaulay Culkin by the end of the day in California.

04/05/2005 21:16