Michael Jackson's one-time landlord insists the King of Pop would still be alive if he'd spent more time in Ireland.
Businessman Paddy Dunning opened his Coolatore House to the pop star and his kids while Jackson was working on new material during the summer of 2006 - and he feels sure his famous friend would not be dead if he'd stayed a little longer.
Dunning reveals the singer was "fit" throughout his stay and ordered staff at the retreat to keep his meals simple and plentiful - he ate traditional Irish porridge for breakfast and fish, chicken and vegetables throughout the day.
The landlord says, "The guy was fit - he was getting stronger, and I reckon if he had lived here and stayed here, he wouldn't have died."
But Dunning has many happy memories of the brief time he did spend with Jackson, including one special studio session.
He recalls, "One night we ended up in the studio (on the estate). Michael was on the drums, I was playing guitar and (producer) Nephew was on the keyboards and we just started getting a rhythm together.
"Slowly but surely Nephew just creeped the song into Billie Jean. It was just mad playing Billie Jean with Michael Jackson - I never thought I'd do that."
Jackson died in June 2009.