A New Orleans, Louisiana, judge is stalling his decision on whether there's any merit in new child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson while he awaits more information.

Federal Judge ELDON FALLON is considering a motion from Jackson's attorney CHARLES GAY JR to dismiss Louisiana man JOSEPH BARTUCCI JR's suit, claiming he was abused by the star 20 years ago.

Bartucci claims Jackson molested him, held him at gunpoint and battered him, among other serious allegations.

The accuser claims he recalled incidents from his youth after watching a TV show about the child molestation charges brought against Jackson in 2004.

Judge Fallon has asked Bartucci's attorney, LOUIS KOERNER, to depose DR L MULRY TETLOW, a psychologist who agrees that his client had repressed the memory.

The judge says, "I want to look at what he says about repressed memory."