Michael Jackson's father has launched a bid to seek more information about his son's death, which has infuriated the King of Pop's estate managers.
Joe Jackson has subpoenaed medical records from the UCLA Medical Center because he believes they could contain evidence of foul play in his son's June 2009 death.
His attorney, Brian Oxman, has sent two subpoenas to the UCLA Medical Center, where Jackson was pronounced dead on 25 June, according to TMZ.com.
Oxman is asking for a number of documents, including autopsy reports, photos and assessments.
Joe Jackson insists the whole Jackson clan is behind his latest action because they all believe the medical records will show what was in Jackson's body when he passed, and they believe the information will expose foul play.
But those in charge of the King of Pop's estate are far from happy with the move.
Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman has called the subpoenas "clearly improper" in a letter to Oxman, obtained by TMZ.com.
Weitzman claims the subpoenas violate Jackson's right of privacy and the physician/patient privilege.