Michael Jackson's father is still forgiving his son after the pop superstar revealed the extent of the family patriarch's tough love in controversial documentary LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON.

Joe Jackson, who has been by his son's side throughout his child molestation trial in California, urged the pop star not to give an interview to British journalist Martin Bashir, and still smarts when he's reminded of what the singer said about him.

In an exclusive interview with US news show The Insider, Joe Jackson was shown the footage of the Bashir interview, where his weeping son told the interviewer he was badly beaten by his dad.

Joe recoiled, "Come on... He did not get whipped."

He went on to state his wife KATHERINE "whipped him more than I did."

Joe Jackson insists his son lied in the documentary, and they've put aside their differences privately.

He added, "Maybe he did lie but I'm not gonna call him out on national television."

In a special TV message to his son, Joe concludes the chat by reaching out to his troubled son: "Michael, I'm there for you all the time and I love you. People's gonna talk but I still love you and hope you do well."

02/06/2005 03:58