Michael Jackson's father Joe has no regrets about his superstar son's strict upbringing - insisting his discipline regime kept the singer out of jail and away from gang violence.
The late King of Pop previously spoke of the Jackson patriarch's tough parenting and alleged Joe often hit him as a child.
But Joe is adamant he had to be tough for Jackson's own good.
In an interview with Jacksonsecretvault.com, which will be shown in a movie to be co-produced by Katherine Jackson, Joe says, "I had to be like that because when raising him, in those days, so many gangs (were) out there getting into trouble, going to jail. Most of them are dead now. He didn't have to worry about that.
"No (I don't have any regrets). They tried to make a big issue when I spanked Michael or some of the kids, ya know? Just like they didn't spank their kids when they did wrong. The media twists everything."