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It broke my heart when Jermaine said on tv that he wished it was himself that died instead of Michael. Nothing compares to losing family and in his case it was a brother. honestly i hope evan chandler is in hell for what he did. around the time the child molestation trials started was when Michael started having a dependency on drugs. it pisses me off because if there were never any molestation charges Michael would have never had to go through the stress, the pain of the whole storm of media against him and people actually believing he did it. I do feel like Michael would still be alive if not for that cause he would never started using drugs and going to rehab and not unable to get off drugs. really, just think about how badly the chandler family messed things up for Michael. i can't even fathom it.

Posted 7 years 9 months ago by applegirl

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Do not mistake my uncertainty for Michael-bashing. I'm not attempting to spread negative energy. It has hurt me deeply to hear and read of the scandals that plagued Michael. I've wept, ranted and been filled with dread and fear as I've gone over them since his death. I'm desperate for the truth.I'm familiar with "Earth Song", I'm sure the Jacksons are a close-knit family--but that doesn't mean we (the outside public) KNOW the truth. I want Michael's name and reputation cleared, but it's a very ugly, complex, dark set of issues and I can't claim to be sure of something that I'm not sure of (that Jordan was just waiting for Evan to drop dead so he could be free to come forward--why not come forward after Evan reportedly assaulted him in 2005-06?). In my opinion, it is indisputable that Michael's professional talent and skill were and are unparalleled. Michael's onstage/on-camera life is something we can review with our own eyes and ears. His offstage/off-camera life is not something to which we had full access. There are things unresolved that I hope can be resolved sooner rather than later. He was too talented to be left in this murky space.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by Team_MJ

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Jermaine does not seem to be trusted by many MJ fans. I am nonplus about it but take a view that Jermaine did write a song about MJ which was not a neat way of settling brotherly indifference.I think now that Evan Chandler is dead, that clause does not exist anymore.Jordan, now a man, can speak up for himself and I think he should.It must have been awkward for him living with knowledge that MJ was innocent just because his father,the media and MJ haters wanted to destroy MJ.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by cautious

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This is in reference to the post of Team _MJTo write negative things about someone, does not produce good energy. Listen to "EARTH SONG" sang by MICHAEL JACKSON.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by jacqueline.capucine

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Jordan Chandler can't say anything about what happened because he is bound by the settlement agreement. But, more importantly, we don't need for Jordy to come forth to prove Michael's innocence. We already know Michael was innocent and didn't molest any of the many, many children he interacted with. And no one could prove any different ... ever ... event though God knows they tried.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by SWB

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Michael was innocent all along ... don't WE feel like s**t now? I hope Michael is getting all this.

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by faviokat

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I am sorry that Evan has lost his father.God certainly moves in mysterious ways.Evan himself can continue with his life.We always knew Michael was innocent!!!

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by cautious

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there's something to be great full for on this thanksgiving day.Now it's time to get the others washed out and to show the people that michael was NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lier.His heart is sensear .and a very kind hearted person.stop judging you michael and always pammie.

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by pammie

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God bless the Jackson family.No doubt that Michael is innocent but he paid very high all the lies of these bad people.God bless Michael , he is loved all over the world as the best person.From France, with love.

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by kheper

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the truth always comes out, sadly to late for our beloved MICHAEL, to hear heart bleads for him and his loving family.keep on smilling, for MICHAEL,S looking down on us all, his music will be with us , for ever,. MAY the accuser,s get what they deserve, you all can decide what that should be... god bless every one.keep MICHAEL resting, forever, in your hearts,

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by just a fan

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It is about time (way to long)the kid finally came out.I believe the kids dad committed suicide out of guilt as well. To the person who doesn't know what to believe about this story.Believe this,The Jackson Family are a very close knit family and have been since before the Jackson 5 hit the airwaves,and they always will be.

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by lams526

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Says Jermaine... Really?I would like to see a statement from Jordan himself. Is this a reliable site? Let's hope this news resounds the world over. But like MJ said; good news doesn't sell...

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by Truth prevails...

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As much as I would like to take this as fact (I desperately want MJ to be cleansed of the sexual deviant tag), I find the internet to be dubious on matters of truth and Jermaine Jackson even more dubious as a source. He seems to have had a sore spot about Michael's appeal and superiority as a performer for a long time. Not that it's all that credible, but a writer once close to the Jackson clan has publicly claimed (in the time since Michael's death) that, years ago, Jermaine was set to participate in a book about the family in which he intended to reveal that--among other "truths"--Michael spurned the advances of women and was a magnet for gay men. I saw this man interviewed on a nationally syndicated newsmagazine just a few months ago. He was visibly upset at the suggestion that the claims were in fact his and not Jermaine's. He repeatedly stated he was meant to write the book as told to him by Jermaine. He said that Jermaine's wife had encouraged Jermaine to produce the book to earn money and tell "his" story. It was reported that Jermaine dropped the pursuit after Michael heard about his plans. I would have tossed off the claim except--after Michael's death--I'd seen footage of Jermaine during a 2003 appearance on "Larry King Live" talking about the potential book and showing a possible cover for it. In a later interview, Jermaine denied ever having plans to do the book or something. But there was footage of him ON LKL talking to Larry about it! How can we accept this story about Jordie as truth? It's too much to hope for. And little comfort when it's possible that Michael's inappropriate behavior with adolescents reaches as far back as his teens. It's even littler comfort because what good will it really do Michael? He's dead! I don't know what to believe. I know that I want to believe he never did anything inappropriate or homoerotic with these boy-friends. It's exhausting and Jermaine's sibling competition with Michael makes him untrustworthy, currently. For all we know, Jermaine could just be repeating the same story that's been floating around on the 'net since July '09

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by Team_MJ

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Thankyou Jermaine for posting this information. Michael Jackson your brother is probably smiling. Michael was the most remarkable person on the planet. God Bless you and your family. A fan

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by jacqueline.capucine

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Michael Jackson is the kindest human being.

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by Alice TOMA

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