Superstar Michael Jackson had a "radar" for young boys, according to his former publicist BOB JONES.

Jones managed the THRILLER singer from 1970 until he was fired last year (04) and has now published his Jackson secrets in his forthcoming book MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK.

In extracts from the book, published on Fox News website column 411, Jones writes, "Michael had a sinister gift for identifying these boys; it was as if he had some sort of radar.

"I was continually amazed by how he could determine which of the many children he came into contact with might be 'woo-able', whose parents could be bought off and counted on to keep quiet about what was going on."

Jackson is currently awaiting the jury's verdict on his child molestation court battle in Santa Maria, California.

08/06/2005 13:36