Michael Jackson's father called in one of Hollywood's top nutritionists to help his frail son cope with his 90 day child molestation trial.

Dick Gregory, a former comedian, insists Jackson's weight had fallen to just 43 kilograms (94 pounds) when he was asked to help the THRILLER singer.

And he was shocked to see how much dehydration and starvation had effected the THRILLER star when he arrived to counsel him.

He tells US TV news show EXTRA, "I got this strange call from Joe Jackson one day. He said, 'You gotta fly out here. Michael's been in his room for 30 days, drinking nothing but water.'"

"I was shocked when they gave him four IV drips. That's how dehydrated he was."

Gregory has trained Jackson's personal cooks so they can mix vitamins and herbs into his food to help stabilise the pop star and build up his strength.

He adds, "I took about three hours training them how to cook."

Gregory, who is planning a 40 day fast and prayer vigil to thank the jurors who acquitted Jackson, admits his client turned into "a zombie" when he returned to his Neverland Ranch home after days in court.

He tells the news show, "He was stronger at the trial than he was when he got home in the evening. That's when he was able to collapse and deal with the pain and feel the hurt of his body.

"He was a zombie... He just didn't have an appetite and he wasn't eating. There was nothing he could do to get his appetite back."

23/06/2005 02:45